Tuesday, March 16, 2010

365 Photos - Mar 12

Friday... Zeke resumed with the crankies. He was upset because we'd borrowed CJ's car to get to music class, and had to go past their house to drop CJ home again, and Zeke was utterly distraught we didn't go inside to play with Kayleb. He cried for 15 minutes, really sad crying with big fat disappointed tears rolling down his face. He cheered up when we got to music, but was not quite himself the rest of the day.

Grandma came to visit in the evening, and took Zeke for a walk in his pram before dinner, which definitely put him in a better mood, although he was back to whining and clinging as soon as they got back. He was pretty thrilled with dinner though - his very own prawn skewer, and then having Grandma around to bath him instead of boring old Mummy!

Friday 12th March 2010


Zeke loves prawn skewers, but on seeing how Ryan & I eat them (straight from the stick) he refused to let me separate them onto his plate, and insisted on going at it himself - what a big boy!

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