Tuesday, March 9, 2010

365 Photos - Mar 7

Sunday... two days ago, but I was so pooped I can barely remember what we did! Ryan had a sleep in, so I played with Zeke during the morning, and then caught up on some dishes and photo blogging while he napped.

Pete & Kat came around for dinner in the evening. Coles BBQ chicken and pasta salad in rolls yum! I was starving, I had two at dinner time, and then when we were watching NCIS reruns, I had another roll with butter... crazy! Think it was the sudden drop in temperature, cold always makes me hungry.

Ended up staying up too late, and just as I was about to go to bed Zeke woke up, and I brought him into the lounge room to have a cuddle with Ryan and he saw that his wooden building blocks were all over the floor still and HAD to pick them up and put them away - at 2.30 am! He saw them, and he wouldn't stop whining and fighting us till we let him go, and he toddled over and put most of them back in the tub, then carried the tub to its usual place! Of course he was hard to get back to sleep after that, but he was obviously most satisfied with his cleaning efforts. Ended up cuddling him in our bed till he was ready to go back to sleep - took nearly 45 minutes ugh!

Sunday 7th March 2010


We're really lucky with Mocha, she's extremely affectionate, and very patient and gentle, not at all aggressive. Even though I don't think she is very bright, she has a wonderful nature and will put up with almost anything.

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