Sunday, March 7, 2010

365 Photos - Mar 1

Slightly in shock that it should be MARCH already. Not sure where the last two months went, even though I have a daily record of each one now! Although Granny wasn't coming for dinner, we were able to see her in the morning, when she came to give Ryan a lift somewhere, Zeke was very surprised to see her, although he decided he was much too busy drawing and playing to actually talk to her... cheeky thing. I was able to show her the photos of my wedding dress, so excited to be able to show SOMEONE! (I want to keep it a surprise for most people for the big day, but it's so lovely and I'm so excited about it, I need to be able to show it off a little!)

After a LONG nap, time for playgroup! The weather was lovely, although there was rain due later in the day, so we sent the boys outside, we didn't stay as long as we would have liked though, because of the clouds coming in (Cat & I walk to playgroup and didn't want to get caught out) plus the boys' moods were not so great, and we had to pick up Monique from school.

Because Zeke had skipped lunch, I made him sandwiches to take with us, ham, cheese & lettuce. Zeke wasn't hungry, so Kayleb and Nick (the other boy in playgroup) had most of it... naturally it meant Zeke was starving come dinner.

Back to Cat's house, where we set the boys loose again, and ended up staying for pizza. The boys were starving while they waited though, so they had noodles instead, and oh my goodness... I didn't know they could make such a mess! It took Cat & I like 10 minutes to pick all the teeny tiny squishy noodle pieces out of the rug!

Monday 1st March 2010


Zeke has been getting more adventurous with climbing, this was a small set of steps on a plastic play structure, it's only about 3 feet high, it's one of those portable ones you can buy for the back yard. Not a full playground structure. He wouldn't get off the steps onto the platform, but climbing to the top and then back down again is a huge milestone! I was very proud of him, and as you can see, he was proud of himself!

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