Thursday, March 4, 2010

365 Photos - Feb 24

Lots of lovely weather meant lots of laundry getting done! Good thing too, it was getting a bit dire. Zeke wasn't thrilled by this, apparently laundry is fairly boring when you're a little guy.

We went out in the evening for Vindaloo against Violence, (eating at an Indian Restaurant to show that not all Australians are racist basically) and Zeke was SO good. The service was a little slow, so he got pretty bored, but he LOVED the food. He ate probably 3 large papadums with yoghurt & cucumber dip, had a little of each of the entrees and HUGE serving of butter chicken, rice and daal (sp?) (mild curried lentils) finished off with mango yoghurt... he especially loved the lentils, and I don't blame him, they were the nicest I'd ever had too. He seriously ate more than I did though!

Wednesday 24th February 2010


Zeke was not afraid to let us know he was hungry between courses! He didn't think his bottle cooler bag was very tasty though. I didn't get many other photos though, had to keep Zeke entertained and too busy eating!

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