Sunday, March 21, 2010

365 Photos - Mar 13

Another busy day. I was up early to keep tidying and to pack Zeke's bag. Zeke, Ryan, Grandave and Erin went to Healesville Sanctuary for the afternoon, while I stayed home & had my bridesmaids come for a dress fitting.

The dresses are looking GORGEOUS. The colour on the girls is just fantastic :)

Ryan came home with a very pooped Zeke, he'd only had a short nap in the car, and refused to go back down. They'd had a great time, Zeke had been especially enamoured with the yabbies, had called every bird he'd seen a duck, and didn't know whether the platypus was an 'oof', a 'duh' or an 'ah-ah' (dog, duck or cat!)

I'd charged my camera and sent Ryan off with a full battery and empty card, only to find he hadn't taken ONE photo. Erin had taken heaps, but still... not even one!

Went to Cat's for dinner again, but both Kayleb and Zeke were pooped so we didn't stay long at all, the boys were tired, screamy and fighting with each other the whole time. Zeke was VERY glad to get to bed!

Saturday 13th March 2010


Zeke taking a turn at pool... the cue's a little long for him though!

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