Friday, April 2, 2010

365 Photos - Mar 16

Just a day at home I think, I'm mostly waiting for Photobucket to finish rotating the photo from today, and trying to remember what happened! Note to self: edit and rotate photos before uploading them, the site based editor is SOOOO slow!

Zeke is definitely becoming more determined, today he wanted weetbix for lunch, which he then decided to wear, so a bath was in order. Let me tell you, weetbix cement is not fun to clean out of a child's hair, especially one who hates having his hair washed as much as Zeke does!

He added another new word today though - teeth. I gave him his toothbrush (he always brushes teeth in the bath) and he said "teeth" clear as anything. Of course, like most of his other words, he hasn't said it since!

Tuesday 16th March 2010


Zeke LOVES going outside, apparently clothes aren't even necessary! Shoes on and he's ready to go!

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