Monday, April 6, 2009


Well not the most cheerful post for finally updating, but Zeke is sick and Ryan lost his job.

Zeke has a definite cold and the Dr said maybe bacterial in his lungs/throat. We have Demazin for the snot, ABs for the bacterial and panadol for the fever and likely sore throat. (Dr said it was inflamed and red.) I am also hoping that the Demazin gives us a good night rest as I am exhausted and stressed!

Ryan hurt his back at work just on a month ago and has been off ever since. He was fired this morning because "he was costing too much" let me tell you this is utter freakin shit... but because they've stated financial reasons and company downsizing as the reason they fired him, we can't do anything even though he was off with an injury he got at work.

I promise I will try to do a better update that is more cheerful soon... however let me see if I can at least find a photo to share...

Here's Zeke after a painting session at Mum's Group!



Surviving Triplets said...

Oh no! I hope Zeke feels better & Ryan finds a job quickly. That really sucks!


PS ~ Sofi sends big hugs. She says when she is sick, she likes chicken strips.

Natalie said...

Miranda - I just wanted to say how sorry I am you're dealing with all of this! You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers - especially that Zeke gets better quickly!!