Friday, July 31, 2009

To-Do List

This is my weekend to-do list in preparation for the big move. Posting this mostly to see how much I actually get done!

  2. Dry current wet laundry
  3. Wash dark towels & try to dry
  4. Pack clothes Zeke has outgrown
  5. Pack Zeke's clothes for next summer
  6. Remember to eat the leftover moussaka in the fridge for lunch before it turns
  7. Clean fridge
  8. Put fruit & veggies away properly
  9. Go to mum's to pick up clothes (maybe)
  10. Organise Zeke's outfit for party (I've picked mine, Ryan can look after himself!)

  1. Finish dishes & clean benches
  2. Sweep & mop kitchen floor
  3. Pack big kitchen things I won't use before the move. (Stockpot, blender etc)
  4. Pick up lounge and vacuum rug
  5. Pack formal & summer clothes for Ryan and I (stuff that won't be worn before the move)
  6. Dry any wet laundry from Saturday
  7. Wash any leftover laundry (this should be it bar bedclothes!)
  8. Organise Monday night dinner with Ryan's family
  9. Clean up bathroom, pack assorted bubble bath stuff I don't use.
  10. Cook dinner - I have SO much fresh food in my fridge, no excuse to order take away!

I think that's it... let's see how much I actually do! We're probably not moving for another week or so, so I can spread it out more, but I would like to get as much of this crap done as possible!

Oh, and because I haven't posted a piccie in a while, here's Zeke, with Arthur, my giant pink bear!


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