Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Allergies - or not!

I can't remember if I mentioned before, but at Zeke's 1-year shots we were approached by some people from the Children's Hossy who were being funded for a research trial regarding food allergies and they offered us a skin-prick test for Zeke.

Naturally with all of Ryan's allergies to basically the world and my allergies to peanuts (more on that later!) we said yes, and Zeke was tested for peanuts, egg, sesame and shellfish. On the shellfish one he had the tiniest bump ever, so little they said it was more likely that he wriggled when they poked him, and it was irritated because of that, but to be safe they would refer us to the hospital for more tests.

And that is where we went on Monday. Of course I lost the letter telling us where to go, and upon asking at reception, we were sent to the bowels of the hospital where the allergy clinic is hidden. I think we walked past every utility room! Anyway, we make it there and wait for 10 minutes to be told that we'd been sent to the wrong place. Because it's a research trial and not actually part of the allergy/immunology clinic they're upstairs. Good thing too, the allergy clinic was tiny and crowded!

Another trek back to the right place again, where Zeke is given a broader test. More skin pricks, they don't hurt much, but it's no fun to have cold liquid dropped on your back and then a tiny little point shoved into your skin. After discussing our assorted allergies with us, including the vicious itchy rash I have been known to break out in after consuming peanuts, she offered me a prick test as well.

Why the heck not? At least I'll know if there's anything else I should avoid. I presented my arm and had the two control drops (one is pure histamine, one is water, you react to the first, but not the second, thus letting them know the test worked properly) then drops of oil for cashew, almond, sesame, hazelnut, and peanuts dropped on and pricked accordingly.

Well... it looks as though my days of telling people I can't eat peanuts are over! Not a single lump, bump or itch! I am not not NOT allergic to peanuts anymore! The lady testing said what was likely to have happened is that when I noticed the reaction to peanuts, my body was generally very stressed and unwell (massive allergic reaction to a bee sting, and two bouts of glandular fever - mono to some - all within a few months of each other, so yeah stressed is a good word) and was producing a lot of histamine anyway, histamine is the stuff produced when you have an allergic reaction that makes the prick tests swell up, and any allergen I came in contact with was likely to have a response.

She also said it's likely that being pregnant and breastfeeding changed things too, as the last two years I have been far less sensitive to the usual array of pollens I am treated to in spring time. She recommended I get a referral to an adult allergist from my GP to find out what is going on, especially as I still have the itchy skin, regardless of the lack of peanuts.

But the lack of peanuts is not anymore. I have feasted on several slices of peanut butter on toast and the special limited edition 10% more nuts Snickers bar Ryan lovingly bought me, and I am no worse for wear. And let me tell you, after years of being denied the peanuts to which I have always been so addicted, it has been WONDERFUL!

Now, all I need is a good chicken satay (I wonder if I can convince Ryan to buy the stuff for that for dinner tonight?) and my life will be complete.

Hooray for no allergies!

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Texas Gal said...

Yay -- now you can have some nut-filled brownies too. mmmm The BEST!! That was very sweet of her to do that and yay for the results!!!!