Thursday, October 1, 2009

Zeke's Personality

One of my online friends asked what our babies personalities were like, so I described my boy and Erin suggested I make it a blog post - so here it is!

My boy is social. He loves to talk and play with everyone, has a smile for you almost all the time. He HAS to be a part in everything, from sitting up at the table during a meal, playing games, cooking dinner, everything. On the flip side though, he can have days where he is very clingy (for him) and takes a long time to warm up to the environment. He will stay by me or circle the outside of the room very slowly, and back away when he feels overwhelmed.

He plays well above his supposed developmental age with other children, and is very good. If they do something he doesn't like, he will shout, but has never bitten, hit or pinched another child, even when they have done just that to him! He and his friend will play interactively, and without adult participation for half an hour or so.

He has a great sense of humour, and will laugh when everyone else does, or babble something and then crack up. He will also deliberately eat funny, make a silly noise, or do something else that makes people laugh, and will repeat it to keep you laughing.

He is very smart, and understands a lot of what is said to him, but has a short fuse when it is something he doesn't like, and will throw a tantrum till he gets what he wants. He is stubborn and determined about getting what he wants, and although he is not overly verbal just yet, he is extremely expressive and communicative, and understands how to use his body language and tone of voice to get his point across, almost anyone can understand him, even if they don't see a lot of him. I think he will end up in a job with a lot of face-to-face interaction.

He also needs to know *WHY* already. He doesn't ask why yet, but when he is told not to do something, (like touch the heater) he will do it just once to see what happens. He has never touched the heater again! I think we will have to use a lot of logic and rational explanations, "because I said so" will not go with this boy!

Most of the time during the day he is not a very cuddly boy, he prefers to be active at all times, but he will run to me at random for a quick kiss or cuddle and then go off again, however he is very physical in his games with you, and is always wrestling, jumping on or otherwise 'conquering' someone. When he's just woken up, he is very affectionate, and will smother Ryan and I in big wet kisses, and snuggles, but as soon as he has woken up fully, he's on the move!

He is very independent about a number of things and will not accept help with them. He has to feed himself, and cannot be rocked to sleep, he must be in his bed with the door shut, otherwise no sleep! Despite this, he is very flexible, and copes with with a change in routine, or having his nap time moved around. He rarely gets upset when a change happens that pushes him too far, he just becomes very quiet and wants to stay close to me until we go home for sleep.

However he is very co-dependant physically, he will not try many new things, and always looks to Ryan or I to hold his hand for a long time when he does. He is getting more sure of himself, and slowly breaking this cycle for simple things like playing on baby bikes or climbing onto his chair. He will never attempt steps without assistance, he will wait at the top/bottom with his hand in the air, waiting for someone to hold his hand and help him.

He also has an excellent memory, and will remember a game he plays with a specific person, or a toy at someone's house, even after weeks!

All in all he is my bright, beautiful wonderful little man!

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