Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Disappearing tooth...

Well Cathryn warned me it would happen, and it did. Zeke cut his lower left eye tooth yesterday there was a good 3-4mm above the gum line, but today? GONE! There is a little rough edge at the gum, but that is it.

Please don't tell me I have to deal with him cutting that tooth all over again! ALL 4 eye teeth are on their way as we speak, and there's still one molar missing so he can be a VERY cranky little boy.

My camera is broken, I need to take it to get repaired or exchanged or something, but with everything else doing, it's one of those things that gets put aside. However I feel extremely lost without it with all the cute things Zeke's up to lately, and a blog just isn't a blog without some cool pics. Maybe I'll follow Angie's doing and throw in a totally random pic like a spider monkey for you!

Actually, no, this is the most recent photo I have on photobucket, I'll have to get some more of Zeke on my *NEW* webcam to share with you till I have a working camera again!



Metro East Mom said...

Oh poor Zeke! I hope that tooth comes through for good and stops bothering him.

What's this I hear about a wedding??? I haven't been to the PR in a while and I miss everything, huh? Congratulations Miranda!

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