Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He can say a new word!

That's right, my clever boy can say a new word - two actually.

The first one that's appeared over the last few days is dummy, he says "duh-duh" (not to be confused with Dada) he can ask for it when he hasn't got it, and will show it to us, and tell us what it is when he's holding it!

The second one, which he's been saying for a few days now, but it took me a while to work out was "nuhdah" turns out he means 'another'! He'll give us his empty bottle or cup and say "nuhdah!" or when he's finished a snack and wants more will say it then too! He can say more ("moh") but hasn't used it for a while, and obviously finds "another" more effective!

That brings his total word count to 7 now!

More ("moh")
Banana ("anana")
Duck ("duh")
Dummy ("duh-duh")
Another ("nuhdah")

It's almost 8, he says no occasionally, "neh" when he's offered something he doesn't want, but is not using it in context or consistently enough for me to be sure he's got it.

Gah, he really is a smart boy!

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