Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mama Bear Never Sleeps

The last few days have been a deluge of earaches, snot and general crappiness. Poor Zeke has had a massive ear infection, as have I, and now Ryan.

Anyway, this has meant Zeke has been restless and crappy, and spending some of the night in our bed. Last night was no exception other than we were all feeling a bit better and we were generally peaceful.

Zeke had woken, and I was giving him his bottle lying down. I must have dozed off because Ryan had taken the bottle from me, and when Zeke had finished, Ryan asked if I wanted him to put Zeke back to bed.

Zeke by now had taken his dummy back and was snuggling into me. So I cuddled him and said to leave him. Zeke and I both drifted back off to sleep peacefully. Not so Ryan, Zeke is a kicker and takes up an amazing amount of bedspace for such a tiny person.

Ryan decided to take Zeke back to bed and tried to take him from me (I was asleep with Zeke snuggled to my chest, one hand over him resting on his tummy) and I - without waking - told (and fought) Ryan off, and held onto Zeke... he tried a few more times with the same result, and eventually slept as much as he could with Zeke's little feet pummeling him!

So it turns out Mama Bear never sleeps. Even when I am half dead with exhaustion and death gunge, my baby belongs with me and you'd better not try and argue that fact!


Tonya said...

Poor guy, poor all of you! I hope you all feel back to normal soon.

Surviving Triplets said...

Awe! You rock sista! I'm glad you were able to hold on to Zeke just a bit longer.