Monday, April 21, 2008

36 Weeks

One more week and I am officially 'term'! The due date isn't till May 19th, but babies qualify as term from 37 weeks, which technically means the baby could make his/her appearance basically any time now!

I am soooo ready to have this baby. Actually I'm not, there are still some things we need to take care of before the baby arrives, but I am definitely ready TO HAVE THIS BABY OUT OF ME! Seriously, everything aches, my hips because the baby is settling and quite possibly starting to engage in my pelvis, my ribs because there are still feet lodged up there, my back because of carrying around the extra weight, and my shoulders/neck because... well I'm not sure, but may as well complete the package hey?

BH contractions are also a pain in the ass. Well they're not a pain in anything fortunately but it seems like I get them EVERY FREAKING TIME I MOVE. I know it's just because my body is practising and getting stronger so that when it pushes the baby out it can do so easily, but the ensuing rush to the loo is no fun. (Pressure on everything makes me think I have to pee, even though I don't necessarily have to)

Hehe... Can anyone tell I'm getting over this? I'm also SO impatient to meet the baby now, I want to know what my baby looks like, and hold him/her, and just cuddle and gaze at them for the first time. Not to mention finding out if Ryan and I have a son or daughter!

In other sweet news, Ryan's mum arranged a surprise baby shower for me (it was a family thing really, and because it was a surprise she couldn't ask me for phone numbers etc, so apologies to those who weren't invited) and we got some gorgeous things, and a lot of useful stuff too. I'll have to take some pics and show you all the lovely things I got. (First I have to get the camera out of the car though... that in itself will be an effort, I can't remember ANYTHING easily these days.)

I have another meeting with Julie this week, and then a midwife appointment on Monday... so there will be lots to update on soon. And hopefully the news that bubby is here in the not-to-distant future!

Well a girl can hope right...?

Miranda xxox

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