Thursday, April 17, 2008

35 Weeks

Naughty Miranda for not updating sooner! However I was actually not home on Tuesday till late in the evening, and somehow yesterday dissapeared.

Anyway the good news is the baby has gone head-down again! The bad news is this means there are little teeny baby feet kicking my ribs.... they do not however feel so little and teeny when they're thumping me so hard I wake up in the middle of the night!

Everything else is well though, my BP is fantastically low, and my iron levels are coming up.

Every time I go to this new Centre I get proof that I've made the right choice about where to have this little bugger, this time around it was because they informed me of my right to refuse to have a test done. (I always knew I could at Box Hill and would have said something if they wanted to amnio me or something but blood tests... eh no biggie) This is the first time in the entire 30 weeks or so that I have been seeing Dr's (and varied other medical professionals) that any one of them has informed me I have a right to refuse to have the tests done. Hooray for feeling happy about the world!

There's nothing much new to report, I have an appointment with Julie later in the week, and I'm beginning to work on a birth plan. I will have to share it when I'm done. I need to take it into my next MW appointment and refine it from there.


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