Wednesday, May 7, 2008

38 weeks

Naughty Miranda! I am so bad at this remembering to update regularly thing!

So what's new? I have had two midwife visits, a chiropractors appointment and a visit with Julie since I last updated, all is still well, my BP is amazingly low, and the baby's heartrate is perfect as usual. I had my Strep-B swab thing done on Monday as well, so I should hear back about that soon.

The head is still not engaged at all, hence the chiro visit. Julie suggested that because my hips are a bit crooked and weird that the baby is having trouble fitting properly, and a whole lot of pubic bone pain added to the misery so I went off for a chiro visit yesterday. Talk about bliss! I feel SO MUCH better since seeing her. Still a little tender, but I can move nice and easily now, and the baby has been a lot more active as well, so I think getting poked and prodded a bit has made everything better.

In the meanwhile I am exercising and stretching as much as I can to get everything all lined up and soft for the big day... which can't come soon enough!

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