Wednesday, April 9, 2008

34 Weeks

Wow... 34 weeks, only 6 to go! And that's assuming I don't 'pop' early like the vibes this baby is giving me!

As far as we know the baby is still head-up, although the position of the kicks have changed a bit, I know it's at least rolled over but I can't be sure which way it's pointing! However it's face-up now too (which is less ideal for labour as well) this baby just wants to do the opposite of what it's supposed to! (Definitely will be born before May 21st or whenever the zodiac becomes Gemini... this is a Taurean baby stubborn as hell like it's mum!)

I had an appointment with my Doula, Julie yesterday which was lovely. Everytime I chat with her I end up feeling so calm and confident, like even if I were to go into labour right then that it would be fine and that I could totally do it. She's shown me some exercises to do which are easier on a still-inflamed sinus cavity, and hopefully the baby will rotate with these.

She also had a bit of a poke on the belly to try and work out which way the baby was facing - not easy when baby and I are spine-to-spine as there are less hard bits for her to feel. But the point is this little one usually fights like hell with the doctors, punches and kicks and rolls and this time around it gave a couple of nudges to say 'hello' but bubs was totally calm otherwise. Must have liked her vibes, which makes me feel even more awesome about hiring Julie, Ryan and I like her, and even bubby feels comfortable around her!

The cold is easing up, it's just my nose now, and that normally runs like mad for weeks when it gets like this. I feel fine, just use lots of tissues.

I have to go and get my iron and red count checked again this week. Hopefully I've eaten enough red meat and iron supplements to bring my levels up somewhat. It's not too bad, I'm not feeling thoroughly horrible like I normally do when I'm anaemic, but they seem to be concerned about it. Only bad thing is it means I have to walk - not that walking in itself is bad - but 20 minutes there and longer back (it's uphill) will totally kill me. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow?

Another appointment with the midwives next Tuesday so I'll let you know what the blood results are then!

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