Wednesday, April 2, 2008

33 weeks

Whoops! Where did 31 and 32 go? I know Easter weekend kind of threw me out of sync, but beyond that I'm not 100% sure where the last two weeks went. Hooray for preggo brain and being sick....

Well this week I had my first appointment with the midwives at the birth centre I have transferred to, and the news on bub is that we are doing well. Very healthy and active, good heartrate, but the little bugger is breech right now! (Bum, not head down) This is not too much of an issue yet, I am to spend lots of time on my hands and knees and rotating my hips to try and get bubs to turn around between now and my next appointment at 36 weeks. If the little one hasn't rotated by then, we're going to look at other methods of getting him/her turned around. If of course by the time I go into labour the baby hasn't turned I will be having a c-section... this is not my ideal plan, but my end goal is a safe and healthy baby so if that it what it takes, I will deal when the time comes.

Right now I am sick. This bug has lasted about 4 days now, yesterday was the worst, with earache, a sore throat, freezing to death despite being sweaty, snotty nose, aching generally from head to toe and a cough that was so bad it would make me throw up. The doctors have diagnosed a virus and prescribed lots of panadol and water. (Which is what I was doing anyway... blah) I am better today though My ears and throat hurt less, but my nose is runnier, so I can't breathe properly, but I think I will take that over the general feeling of death from yesterday.

I've got an appointment with my doula soon too (next day or two I think... CBF checking diary right now), so lots more to write about then.

Anyway, off to prop on my hands and knees for a while longer, send some baby-turning vibes my way!

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¨˜°ºð darklilminx 𺰘¨ said...

hey bella, lol well im glad one person reads my blog, i dont really have much time to update these days, but im sure i will get round to it eventually. Glad to hear baby is healthy, good luck getting it to turn around, mind you if it is anywhere as near stubborn as fungus, you're going to have a lot of fun with that lol. Shhh, dont tell him i said that hahah. Hope you're feeling a little better, virus' suck the big one, i've had mind for about the same time now. Gah. Take care gorgeous. Love you both.... or 3 of you. lol.