Tuesday, February 26, 2008

28 weeks

Well, I'm doing better-ish this week. Not sick anymore but still sore and still exhausted!

I had my Dr's appointment on Monday, which went well mostly. The baby is healthy and head-down (although it may still decide to flip, but I really would appreciate it staying put) and fought back when the Dr gave it a poke! That's my bubba, stubborn as hell and no respect for doctors! I spoke to the doctors about being so tired and sick, and while she wasn't much help initially when I began to get all teary she realised it was serious.

The end result of that is that I am finishing work at the end of this week though. I'm sick of fighting my body physically (tired, aching, sick) mentally (Can't even remember what day of the week it is, and I believe in school they said sentences are supposed to have an endi....) and emotionally (general hormonal moodiness and trying not to break down at work/in public/at all if possible) Plus despite taking enough iron to spontaneously rust if I am left out in the rain I am still aneamic!

So while it is an abrupt decision, I am glad to no longer need to fight myself all the time, just to stay awake or make the easy 5 min walk to the bus stop. Financially it won't be great for a few weeks (I am not eligible for Gov't money till bubby is born) but Fungus and I have agreed mine and the baby's health is more important right now.

However, despite vomiting at the glucose test, I passed and with flying colours, turns out it was just the start of my stupid gastro. This is good news. I don't need to deal with gestational diabetes as well as generally being worn out.

Birth classes, well.... after much freaking out that whole evening (nothing to do with the actual classes, just that Fungus got held up at work) I got there, and waited for an hour along with like 5 other ladies and their partners, when we were finally told that our 'edcuator' was unable to make it, and classes will start this week. However I hope to be in a slightly less frazzled frame of mind this week so I can bring a notepad or something, because there is no way I will remember everything that is said!

Domestically, the dishes are still piling up, but I'm not stressing about that as I will have time to myself shortly to do them as I feel ready. I have a new washing machine too! (Don't even get me started on the delivery SNAFU... actually I'll try and remember to post it on TUI seeing as I have been somewhat anti-social over there) Which means clean clothes and clean towels without having to go to mum's... this is a godsend!

Anyway, I'm off to enjoy my new pillow some more. (Got one of those maternity pillows... worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!)



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