Wednesday, March 5, 2008

29 Weeks...

Well the aches and pain seem to have eased, I think my ribs are starting to get used to being more stretched. Plus buying a maternity pillow really helps my sleeping position, not to mention how much sleep I am getting!

I'm convinced this baby is going to be some kind of sports fanatic or an athlete or something, s/he is SUCH a kicker, and so busy all the time, it feels like there's more than one down there at moments.

I had my last day of work on Friday. It was typically hectic, and I realise that I'm going to miss the people, but don't miss work yet. I've only had 3 days to myself, I don't know if I will miss work for some time, especially with all the stuff I need to do here, dishes, laundry etc and most of all preparing for the baby! I have to finish cleaning the room out before Saturday because our change table arrives then, have been nagging Fungus like no other to get his shit outta there, but he really isn't making much effort... hmmm.

I also had my first antenatal class last week, which I meant to post about but ended up having a bit of a freak-out about everything so never got around to it. The MW only succeeded in making me feel extremely uncomfortable and on edge about everything. I can only hope it's because she has no public speaking ability and will be better tomorrow night during 'normal labour' when she has a topic she is comfortable with instead of getting eight uptight looking couples to relax and chat with each other.

As a result of having a freak-out I've started to research doulas and we are having a meeting with one tonight to see if I like her. The bad thing about this is that if I DO like her, it's going to cost money. The good thing about liking her is it means Ryan and I are going to have a supportive and informative person along with us when I have the baby.

At the same time, I really feel like I'm letting myself down by meeting with a doula, I really want Ryan and I to be the first and only two (except for the midwife/obstetrician) to be meeting our baby. And after all I am planning on kicking out my mum when it comes to the pushing/transition stage of labour, so I'd feel kind of guilty having some one else that I invited (even if I am paying her) present when bub finally arrives if I won't have any of the family members.

Decisions decisions! At least I've gotten all the shopping for big things done now. (Except the cot mattress and I need to confirm the size of the cot with my aunt before I can buy it.)

Well off to pretend to tidy up or something...


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