Wednesday, February 20, 2008

27 Weeks (a bit late)

So 27 weeks, finally in my 3rd trimester opens with being sick! A mild UTI and gastro to boot. My joints ache and I'm all feverish. Fun fun. However the doctor has given me tomorrow off as well, so I plan to sleep plenty and drink lots and get rid of this bug asap.

The baby is even more active than last week too. It recognises my voice and is starting to kick when Fungus talks to it now too. This is sooooo awesome! We had a lovely play today where I would poke my tummy and it would kick back in response. The game only ended when I became concerned for the safety of my belly button. (The bub was kicking HARD)

I had my glucose test on Monday, that was less than awesome, as I vomited heaps, but fortunately it was right at the end of the hour so they should have a good enough blood reading to tell me how it went at the Dr's appointment on the 25th.

Parenting and birth classes start tomorrow night too... exciting! This means I can really start to think about writing up a birth plan and sorting out what I will need to take to the hospital with me. I've got a few weeks to go yet, but I am soooo disorganised at times I will need as much time as I can get under my belt to prepare and pack stuff.

I've also found Ebay! I have spent HEAPS of money on cute but useful baby gear, can't wait for it all to start arriving. I'll have to post some pics when I get it all too. And some more belly shots.

I need to get some drawers or baskets to store it all in though. Can't all live in the top of the pram forever... there will be a baby needing it at some point.

Anyways, Neighbours is about to start so I am off to claim the 1/2hour of trashy TV that is so rightfully mine.

Miranda xoxo

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