Friday, January 16, 2009

Things I Wish I'd Been Told

When I was pregnant with Zeke I read a lot of books about pregnancy and birth. (Not so much on parenting, I've always known I would intuitively do that) However I've found there are a number of things that are not mentioned in any book... and only found them out by experience or word of mouth.

  • Breastfeeding in the early days (or whenever your milk supply is on a sudden spike) makes you sweat like a pig. Not sure why this is precisely, but as soon as your little one is latched on and your milk starts flowing, so do your armpits! Between the other breast inevitably leaking as well, and sweating you are one moist mama!

  • While I'm still on the topic of leaking; the majority of breast pads are utterly pointless unless you are going out, and even then it is only for asthetics. A cloth nappy folded in 4 longways and then half again tucked across the front of your bra is far more effective, it doesn't bunch up, fall out or otherwise become redundant within five minutes of inserting it. I also found that nursing pads quickly became soaked through overnight, and smelled of sour milk if it had been warm. A nappy lasts all night, and didn't seem to smell as bad.

  • Singlets on a baby any older than about 3 months are pointless. Once that gorgeous, kissable pot belly develops singlets develop a roller blind habit. That is to say they roll up over that chubby belly and bunch in the babies' armpits, making their belly cold. A thin, short-sleeved onesie becomes just as, if not more effective as your baby grows, as the crotch fastenings hold the top in place, ensuring your baby's tummy and back actually stay warm!

  • Baby socks can and will dissapear before your child has learned to kick them off. They go to the same place pens, hairties, and potato peelers go. I have yet to find this mysterious destination. They are however essential to keep those little toes warm, so invest in lots of socks or footie pants.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it? I hope you can learn from these, and save yourself some trouble or money in the future!

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