Thursday, January 15, 2009

MRI Results

So we had an appointment with the neurologist today to discuss the results of Zeke's MRI which we had last week. There's good news and less-than-awesome-but-it's-for-the-best news.

The good (Great!) news is that physically Zeke's brain is fine. There's no pressure, lesions, or anything else that shouldn't be there. His major blood supply to his brain is exactly where it should be and doing what it should - I had never realised this could have been an issue, so I can't tell you HOW relieved I am to hear that as well.

The neuro also said that Zeke is on target or ahead of all his developmental & physical milestones for his age - so other than watching him there's not much we need to do other than keep playing, singing and generally having fun!

The less awesome news is because of how far back on his head the Neuro believes the plastic surgeons will need to operate is that she's going to reccomend that they perform two separate surgeries. One with him lying on his stomach to access the back of his head, and one with him on his back to access the top/front of his head.

This is because the major blood supply to the brain is located at the back of the head, and she feels that to safely reach the areas on Zeke's skull they want to reconstruct, if they perform the whole surgery with him on his back, it won't allow them to a) reach all of the skull they need and b) have a clear view of the veins/arteries which supply blood to his brain, which could pose a whole lot of potentially life-threatening problems if they shift/damage/otherwise mess with the blood supply.

She's going to discuss the options with the Cranio-Facial Unit and they will be discussing the final decisions with me, but two surgeries is her reccommendation.

And you know what? I am fine with that. I would rather worry myself sick for two lots of surgery than have my baby potentially at risk by only having one.

I haven't got another appointment with the surgeon lined up just yet, but they will notify me when that is and I'll let you know!

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