Monday, January 5, 2009

MRI is done!

Phew! All that anxiety for nothing... it's all over and done with, and not a single issue!

I was absolutely s**t-scared yesterday. I was all worked up over the thought of having to wake him (and he is FINALLY more or less STTN) at 3am for his last feed, again at 6 for his last big drink and then having him wake for the day, and not be able to eat, then having him have a general anaesthetic to have this done... argh!

Turns out all that worry was for nothing... Zeke went to bed very nicely, he woke me a little before 3 for a snuggle, so I gave him a feed then, he didn't take as much as I would have liked, but better than nothing. He woke again at 6 and because I was sleeping w/out a shirt immediately latched on when I picked him up and cried so sadly when I detatched him... the poor baby has never been detatched in his life! Seriously I've never needed to make him let go, he's never bitten me so he's always been able to finish nursing at his leisure... so he was understandably really upset when I had to do this He drank 2oz (about 60ml) of Pedialyte before going back to sleep, and stayed in bed with Ryan till almost the very last minute, when he woke up all smiles, he didn't even seem to notice our morning routine of cuddle-feed-play didn't happen, although I could tell he was hungry.

He only cried a tiny bit in the car, and it was just for the last few minutes of the drive. We got there and we were called straight in, he totally charmed the nurses and aneasthetist. I was able to go in with him and lay him on the bed and help hold the mask on to get him to sleep. It felt like forever till his eyes closed, but Ryan says I was gone less than a minute. He even started his funny little snoring noise right away!

The nurses told us to have a coffee and come back in 20 minutes or so - which we did though I don't think I tasted the coffee at all. Truthfully the half hour or so we were there was a bit of a haze... I just wanted to have Zeke back! Ryan said I had 'that look' on my face - I assume the one where I'm trying not to cry.

We went back up to Recovery to wait and were called in, Zeke had woken up just as they paged us, and the nurse was holding him, but as soon as he heard my voice he started to grizzle and fight with her to come to me. He didn't even LOOK at Ryan, I was the only person he wanted for a BIG nurse. He took both sides and 120ml of formula!

We watched him a little longer, got him changed (because he was massively poop-covered!) and were sent home. He's been absolutely fine ever since. A little sleepy and cranky, but he really seems to be doing great, no sore throat, no nausea - it really is as if nothing whatsoever happened this morning!

We will meet with the neurologist and the cranio-facial surgery unit in early Feb (they are mostly on Chrissie hols atm) in order to discuss the results and what type of surgery will need to be done, as well as discussing any problem areas developmentally in his brain that may have been spotted in the MRI. I will naturally keep you all updated!

I am totally relieved that this is all over and done with for the time being. It's a first I really didn't plan on, but now that it's done I am so grateful and relieved!

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