Saturday, January 26, 2008

Midwife Appointment

I am officially 'too healthy!' It was an uneventful appointment all round to be honest.

The baby co-operated beautifully with the doppler this time (it went into hiding last time, scared me no end) and we heard a wonderful and rythmic little number coming at 146bpm. :)

The uterus is measuring at 24.5cm which is a little over for 23w5d (where I was at the appointment), but I am now 24w exactly so I'm not too worried. I was a little under at 17wks anyway, so it's good everything has caught up!

After chatting with the midwife, I will be finishing work at Easter we have decided, that allows 8wks of me time to get ready and panic as necessary. I will either be resigning from work then or taking maternity leave for a year. I haven't discussed much with the boss yet, but I need to let them know soon so they can start looking at replacements for me.

In baby news, I have a delightfully active little one, and I get plenty of wonderful kicks and wriggles through the day to keep me busy and very distracted. If I could I would just lie quiet all day to feel the baby kick!

Well the laundry won't do itself, and despite the fact that bub is currently wiggling like there's no tomorow so I'd better head off and get some work done!

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