Tuesday, January 22, 2008

23 Weeks!

Being as the ultrasound scanner, and the midwife's counting wheel actually have my weekly changeover as being different days of the week Saturday by the MW Monday by the scan BOTH with an EDD of May 19 (go figure) I will just try and post a weekly update somewhere over the weekend.

So 23 weeks, well the baby is DEFINITELY there, I feel kicks really frequently during the day. I haven't worked out a 'pattern' as such, but if I have a full tummy or bladder you can guarantee it will use whichever one is full as a punching bag!

I have been having really strange vivid dreams lately too, hormones do strange things to my subconcious! The only problem is I can never remember them properly to tell anyone to either have a laugh over or settle a fear... so I either go around all day feeling amused by something I don't remember or generally feel ill at ease and unhappy all day again not knowing why.

Another thing with sleep is the fact that I wake up 5 or 6 times! Occasionally to pee, but more often than not I'm just suddenly awake. I think the bub must give me a good kick when things get too quiet! There is only one remedy I have found and that is to go to bed so late I am exhausted, then I sleep through but have had too few hours to feel properly rested. If I go to bed early enough to get enough sleep I wake up... gah!

Other than that things have been really good this week baby-wise, Fungus has felt quite a few of the kicks bubby can do and the grin on his face is enough to make me smile just thinking about it!

Also I got bitten by the shopping bug the other day... I have bought the car seat and the pram! We weren't intending to, however 25% off sales were too good to resist! The cheaper prices meant we could buy some nicer gear than we planned too. (Of course we were getting proper safe ones etc, but the designs are nicer)

I've also accquired some baby suits and some gorgeous soft blankets for the bub as well... all in pretty greens and yellows. I can't wait a few more weeks for the end of summer markdowns when I can buy lots of stuff in 6month sizes, and then really start getting some tiny things in the winter gear! (I have a few tiny things now, but as most of the stuff in the shops is really lightweight and has short sleeves/legs)

Bub just kicked me, I think it knows when I am hungry as I often get a kick just before lunch/dinner as well... I'm taking the hint!

Miranda xoxox

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