Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some Photos...

Well, my baby boy is 5 months old! But I haven't had time to do a photo shoot for that yet. So here's some of his 4mo pics!

As you can see, I tried to be artistic... but Zeke had other ideas as usual!

No appointments for a while, but a lovely lovely picnic with my Doula Julie last week. Was awesome to see her again and show off how beautiful and big Zeke is becoming.

I promise I am working on a blog for TUI... something to do with DWI (Driving While Infuriated) methinks... since getting a car I've noticed just how irritating other road users are!

Oh wait, here's my new signature for the board I'm on. The second 'e' is a 5-month shot!

Very proud of that one...
Anyway, I should get to bed and hope my (yes, that's right MY) teething pains let me sleep. This last wisdom tooth sure is taking its sweetass time to get here... urg!
Miranda xoxo

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