Friday, October 24, 2008

Head updates... CT scan results

Blah... too tired and overwhelmed to go into much detail... copying again from that message board.

The verdict is Zeke will definitely need surgery. His brain is growing really fast, and his skull isn't, so the brain is starting to put pressure on it, and the bone is becoming really thin in the back of his head. The bulging fontanelle are another sign he's outgrowing his headspace.

It's not 100% clear what they want to do yet, they are going to have an MRI and another scan done first to determine their course of action, but basically they want to open and re-shape his head to allow more room for his brain to grow. They're only going to do the back of his skull, as the bluging at the front is a response to the lack of room at the back, and hope that the front will adjust to having more space. They plan to re-assess the front sometime after the surgery.

We also have to see a geneticist to establish his head is just wonky and not caused by any other issues and to determine the likelyhood of any siblings or his children having the same condition - it's for research more than anything, they're doing a study on children with heads like Zeke's atm and want to add him to the study, which is fine by me, anything that can help other mums in the same position! But it will be good to know this too, seeing as we would like to have at least one or two more kids.

So the surgery will be scheduled after the next lot of scans, but they said sometime in the next 4-6 months as he is running out of room quickly. I am so not happy about this, but I know it needs to be done... I just didn't want my baby to have to go through all of this.

So yeah... that's where it's at right now... not sure what I think... anyways, massive headache.


John said...

Oh no! :( Really sorry to hear that.
Hope it all goes well (Y)

Heather ♥ Schulz said...

Omg Miranda how did I ever miss this??? I'm so sorry I feel like an awful mommy friend. I will be praying for his blessed results <3 <3