Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well the last week has been hella busy with 3 appointments for Zeke, the first one was with the Pedi at the hospital to get his head assymetry checked out, then his 8-week check and finally to have his hearing checked.

I'll start with the last two as they are the shortest and easiest to explain.

The 8-week check was a breeze, he's doing brilliantly and charmed the Health Nurse so much I wasn't sure she'd give him back. He turned on his big beaming grins and his puppy eyes, I think she said he was cute about 10 times in the first couple of minutes! His first round of shots are on the 20th... here's hoping they go well!

The auidiology appointment was good too. He had to sleep for the test, and was drifting off just as we got called in. He grizzled a bit when the earpeice was put in and when the tech put the electrode things on his head, but slept solidly for the whole right ear test. He woke when she tried to change ears, so I fed and changed him, then waited for him to drift off again, he wasn't fussy but it took a while. I was nearly asleep myself, as the room was dimmed and quiet to get him back to sleep.

The tech said he has very slightly lower than normal responses in the lower frequencies, but it's nothing to worry about as he is a little congested right now, so his ears are a bit gunky inside. I have to go back again for a checkup in summer when the weather is warmer so Zeke's less likely to be stuffy. I'm not sure about this, he's just a snuffly bub really!

Now... the head checkup... I'm just going to copy my post from a message board I visit and edit it...

30/7 We walked to the hospital, and I was dreading the outpatients' dept where we had to go, but the 'zoo' wasn't too bad this time around, and Zeke was happy to have a cuddle a feed (NIP... go me! The hard part is balancing him to feed in waiting room chairs!) and a sleep while we waited... and waited... we didn't get seen till noon (our appt was at 10 to 11) and that was only by the med student, who really didn't seem to know much. While the med student was checking, Zeke did the BIGGEST poop, totally blew out both legs on his nappy and soaked thru his clothes.

So I get around to cleaning him up, when I'm told they want to weigh him, so I have to carry him naked and wrapped in a cloth nappy to the scales (which are in the corridor outside the clinic room) and on the way he threw up... fortunately he missed me, but splashed the floor everywhere and totally freaked out the med students... (if they're grossed out by baby vomit, why are they doctors?) Get him back into the room and set about dressing him, and he does a massive wee all over the bed! Finish mopping up, and have a cuddle when the Pedi arrives... it's about 12.30 by now!

Zeke begins to scream and won't stop. Cuddles, singing, distraction, a feed... nothing I absolutely couldn't get the poor boy to settle. In the end, she just checked him while he wailed, he was really tired and just wanted to sleep, which he did, totally exhausted in my arms while we arranged to have an ultrasound and x-ray done just to be sure.

Take him up to X-ray, where as soon as I lift him out of his pram again he starts screaming again. Tried (and failed) to settle him, and in the end had to hold him still (I HATE HATE HATE having to do that to my baby!) so they could get the shots done. I rock him and sing Norah Jones to him while the radiologist is out of the room checking the films, and finally Zeke falls asleep heaving huge sobbing breaths and clutching my shirt. He settles again and goes into the pram and over to ulstrasound room... fortunately the ultrasound didn't even wake him, I think he was absolutely cried out.

He cried again on the way home, after some idiot drove too fast, nearly collected another car and came to a screeching halt, the noise of the brakes scared him, and no amount of soothing worked, so I opted just to push the pram as fast as I could. (It's only a 15min walk, but LOOOOONG when your baby is crying their heart out.) He's asleep again now, too tired for a feed (even though I'm sure he's due) and tear tracks all down his cheeks... it's been a long day.

The news from today: It is still most likely a Cephalhaematoma, but we have checked for fluid on the brain and to make sure his fontanelle aren't prematurely fusing to be safe. I will know for sure tomorrow once the Pedi has reviewed the U/S and Xrays. If it is just the haematoma, we will have a checkup every couple of months or so to make sure it fades. Obviously if the scans have shown fluid or the skull fusing badly, we will be referred on (and I will be transferring his care to the Children's Hospital instead) But it all looks good, and I am very happy!

Oh yes... and he weighed in at a whopping 5190 grams... about 11 and a half pounds I believe! (He was 7 pound 8 at birth!) My little boy is growing marvellously.

The next day (31/7) Well they just called back, the scans showed nothing horrible! There is some head assymetry in the skull (which is why I went to see them, why tell me that again?) and also the fluid around his brain is slightly assymetrical too. However as he is growing and developing well, they don't seem to think that it is a problem, but want him to go back for another lot of scans in a couple of weeks to see if it changes any, as I've noticed he's been favouring the 'wonky' side of his head less in the last couple of weeks, a sign that the bump may be receeding. So as long as he keeps growing and being this beautiful happy little boy we should have no problems at all! Right now all it comes down to is he has a bit of a funny shaped head... just like his father... that's my boy!

We have another appointment on the 13th to see how it's all progressing. Back to the hospital we go... delightful!

Oh... and next weekend Ryan, Zeke and I are going to Apollo Bay for a holiday with Dave & Sal! My first holiday of any kind in 3 years! I can't wait!

Now... some photos, I'm sure they're necessary!

Daddy & Zeke snoozing away

Chatting to his daddy

And some funny faces from my boy...


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