Friday, June 20, 2008

So In Love...

Well I guess you're wondering where I've been the last few days. The answer is mostly caring for and admiring my beautiful son! He is a wonderful, beautiful little boy, and I can't seem to tear myself away from him for very long, even when he is sleeping and doesn't need constant attention.

Zeke is now 17 days old, and sleeps and eats like a champion. I usually get a broken 8 hours sleep overnight as well as a couple of hours sleep during the day... he really is a wonderful boy... once he's asleep there's no waking him for at least 2 hours, and has even been as long as 6! (Twice to date... and just wonderful)

Of course like all bubbas he does have a good cry every now and again, but usually it's just because he has had enough of the world, and fortunately this doesn't often take place in the middle of the night. When he wakes then he's all about a feed, a nappy change, sometimes another feed, a cuddle and back to sleep... if he's really restless he gets to sleep in bed with mummy and daddy, which always works!

He feeds well too, and other than the fact that there is more milk than he knows what to do with I can't really complain too much. He is a champion latcher, and has been from day 1, so no sore nipples to date! Let-down is painful though it can feel like a million needles in my boobs all at once... if it's such a natural thing and at one point was the only way a small baby would survive I wonder why it hurts... you'd think if it was such a necessity it would be painless so the mother would want to continue.

Anyway... I have to take care of the grizzle guts again... I think it's time for dinner... pics and a better update to come!

Miranda xoox

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Hawkfeather said...

he is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous in every way!!
in that shot below he looks like he is smiling already!
You must be blissed out!

big giant congrats.. you are in for such fun!