Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am proud to finally introduce you to my wonderful little boy, everyone meet Zeke!

Ezekiel David

Born: 3 June 2008 10.26am by C-section

Weight: 3406grams (7lbs 8oz)

Length: 48cms

Zeke smiling

We are doing so well, he is feeding like a champion, sleeps (mostly) well and is generally a beautiful and peaceful little boy.

Birth story to come, it is something of a saga and I am still not clear on what happened when.

Anyway, off to bed to catch what Z's my Zekie-bubba will let me!

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Heather ♥ Schulz said...

Hi Miranda!
What a sweet picture :D I can't believe you caught a smile already! I bet you're just as glad as me that you aren't pregnant anymore lol waiting around just wasn't fun at ALL, especially when you watch your due date come and go..